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Снижение продолжительности и качества жизни у больных, перенесших боль-шие ампутации нижних конечностей, заставляет хирургов использовать любые воз-можности для выполнения реваскуляризирующей операции. На протяжении последних 13 лет для протезирования/шунтирования периферических артерий мы применяем эпоксиобработанные биопротезы («КемАнгиопротезы») диаметром 4-7мм, длиной от 23 до 64см и толщиной стенки 1-1,2мм.

Xenopericardial Cardiac Patches KemPeriplas


KemPeriplas is designed for cardiac and vascular reconstruction and repair. This ready-touse,
epoxy-treated bovine pericardium offers surgeons durability, flexibility, and improved
suturability over synthetic patches.

Implantation properties

• Epoxy-treated xenopericardium is very ductile material of zero surgical porosity, easily
punctured and does not cut along sutures.
• The bioprostheses are highly compatible.
• The patches are solid enough and stretch easily without deformation.

Functional efficiency

• The KemPeriplas patch is a good artenative to autovenous patches in lateral patching
carotid bifurcation and lower extremity arteries.
• Xenopericardium is used to cover valves, to manufacture monoleaflets, right-side conduits,
ascending aorta conduits. It is also used in patching septal defects and intracardial patching.
• It is functionally applicable in angiosurgery as a dilator maintaining effective patency of an
• Xenopericardium proved to be a safe and effective material for carotid repair.

KemPeriplas launched on the russian market in 2003.
KemPeriplas need to be approved for CE mark before the EU market access.